potatoes2The primary potato type grown by Baley-Trotman Farms are chip-stock potatoes used to make potato chips. Chip stock potatoes have a slightly different sugar and water content than the fresh potatoes you would find in the store, making them an ideal potato for frying and making potato chips! Even in the chip-stock category there are many different varieties with differing characteristics. We will sometimes plant as many as six varieties in one growing season. We purchase the seed for our chip stock potatoes domestically and it delivered in the early spring to be cut and suberized in preparation for spring planting. We harvest the potatoes in the fall and put them in storage. Our shipping season starts toward the end of harvest and will last until May of the following year.

Baley-Trotman Farms established Cascade Seed Farm in 2005, managed by Scott Cheyne. Each year land is leased away from commercial potato producers to protect the integrity of the seed. The seed planted ranges from nucular to generation 2. Domestically sold in 2012 the farm had 16 plots with 13 different varieties.

Baley Trotman supplies Frito Lay Inc ®, Pik-Nik Foods, and Kettle Chip, and has a small amount of export business in Southeast Asia.