Quality Control
To ensure our chip stock meets the industry standard we have an in house lab that test each load of potatoes. All potatoes shipped from our shed will be tested for sugar levels, fry ability and quality of the finished product.

Sustainable Practices
Baley-Trotman Farms has a commitment to sustainability and we much of our farm practices aim at caring for the environment. We have recently installed eight solar panels to supply power to irrigation pumps, along with solar panels on the roof of our maintenance shop to provide 100% of the power needed to operate. We also recycle our motor oil to provide heat in the shop area.

Water conservation has become very important to our future and the future of our farming community. We have installed pivots for better use of water and have water meters in fields to measure the moisture as far down as three feet. In 2012 we tested a field of potatoes with drip irrigation. Baley- Trotman Farms is always looking for ways to use our water more efficiently while maintaining the quality crops we are known for.