Baley-Trotman Farm has various partnerships with local farmers in the Basin. These partnerships are essential to our operation in begin able to produce the acreage we need to fill our contracts each year. Our growers include:

Jim Rupert Farms, Tulelake, CA –104 Acres

Carleton Farms, Merrill , OR –456 Acres

Lyman Farms, Tulelake, CA – 100 Acres

Trotman Farmss LLC., Mathew Trotman , Merrill, OR – 108 Acres

Ryan and Jennifer Hartman, Malin, OR – 55 Acres

Shawn Cross – 36 Acres

Total Acres per Crop:

Chip Stock potatoes – 1253 Acres

Grain – 1013 Acres

Alfalfa – 408 Acres