Mark Trotman - Farm Operations Head

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Miscellaneous Information:

Mark was raised in Merrill, OR where his grandfather settled as the town doctor and his parents, both pharmacist, owned and operated the Merrill Drug Store. His father also ran a small sheep heard on land where his grandfather purchased after coming to the area as the local doctor. Mark's interest in owning his own farm and farming for a living was thus sparked by growing up in a business-oriented family and a vibrant agricultural community.

Mark began farming for the Baley family on the Tulelake Refuge after his freshman year of college at Oregon State University. After graduating with an accounting degree Mark returned to the Basin and began a partnership with Lon to create Baley-Trotman Farms. Mark is passionate about being in the fields and caring for our crops hands-on. He assists our growers, manages the labor, and communicates with our landlords so the farm can continue to produce quality products.