Lon Baley - Business Operations Head

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Miscellaneous Information:

Lon is a 3rd generation Klamath/Tulelake farmer. His family homesteaded in the Tulelake Basin and began a lifelong tradition of farming. Lon worked on the family farm under his father and alongside his brothers, uncles, and cousins. Lon earned a Zoology degree from Oregon State University and following graduation returned to the Klamath Basin where he began this partnership and which commenced the beginning of Baley-Trotman Farms.

Throughout his career Lon has been very active in helping to educate young farmers in the community and has helped promote the marketing of potatoes not only for Baley-Trotman Farms but for the Oregon Potato Commission (OPC) as well as the United States Potato Board (USPB). He has traveled extensively to various parts of the world as a member and elected officer with both OPC and USPB promoting the education, marketing, and supporting legislation for US farmers on Capitol Hill. He is passionate about supporting the US potato industry and informing the potato customers of the world about the quality of potatoes that come from Baley-Trotman Farms and potato farmers around the country.