Baley-Trotman Farms started with a conversation between Lon Baley and Mark Trotman in Corvallis, OR while they were both attending Oregon State University. Lon was married to Mark's sister, Nancy, and on a summer break during their college years the three decided to bid on land in the Tulelake Refuge. Their first farming year was successful with a few acres of wheat and potatoes. Lon graduated with a degree in zoology, Nancy with a pharmacy degree and Mark with an accounting degree. All moved back to their roots in 1978 and from their success over the next five years Lon and Mark made their partnership official in 1983 with the beginning of Baley-Trotman Farms.

Throughout the years the farms has seen a lot of changes from the crops we grow to the acreage of each entity grown. The partnership has evolved from growing fresh market potatoes, dehydrated onions, and grain, to what we currently grow: alfalfa, grain and chipping potatoes. Baley-Trotman Farms started with 150 acres of crops. Today we grow over 408 acres alfalfa, over 1,000 acres of grain and more than 1250 acres of potatoes, along with our seed farm which is about 150 acres of 13 different varieties.

With a passion for the farming lifestyle and contributing to the potato industry, Baley-Trotman Farms has ventured into innovative avenues. From 2000-2005 Baley-Trotman Farms operated a restaurant in Corvallis, OR called the Chippery. The Chippery was a deli-style restaurant that made potatoes in a cooker where you dropped the fresh potatoes in one end and got potato chips out the other! The latest innovative project involving potatoes began in 2009 when Baley-Trotman farms began manufacturing and marketing one of Grandma's pickled recipes, only we decided to use potatoes in the jar this time! The result is a product called TaterPiks-pickled potatoes! On our third year of production TaterPiks are becoming a hit on the west coast and we look forward to seeing the increase in distribution in the future!

One more project on the horizon for Baley-Trotman Farms is the addition of a six acre vineyard. We look forward to the days when we can all sit back and drink our own home-made wine and hope to have enough quantity to begin marketing the grapes by 2013.

Baley-Trotman Farms is an innovative operation based in Malin Oregon and with the younger generations growing up in the Basin and beginning their own farming careers we strive to increase our chip-stock acreage, will continue to search for new business partners, and are very interested in increasing domestic business as well as growing our export business. We believe in our quality products and look forward to improving our business, continue to produce quality crops for the consumers of the world and fostering our business relationships. These are the motivations that make our lifestyle worth living!